0xFF | thinking is a momentary dismissal of irrelevancies
posted by Andreas Bernhard Wagner on Jul 17, 2016

So I have been training myself to write different letters, words, drawings and thoughts with both hands simultaneously and I am making a fair amount of progress.

I made this page to record how I am learning this skill before I forget how I learned it.

  • Start by drawing a circle with one hand and square with the other.
  • Think of the motions of the two hands as one motion.
  • Experiment with different pressure at different parts of the stroke.
  • Improve fine motor skills in left hand by writing without having the hand touch the paper. Also, practice writing on vertical surfaces.
  • Characters with subtle differences are good practice. Try drawing an S with one hand and a 5 with the other.
  • Think about formatting/alignment too.
  • Move your arms when you write! Both of them.
  • Learn to anticipate potential pencil slips so you know where to adjust.
  • Don’t press to hard.
  • Don’t hesitate to focus.

Right now I am working on applying this with more abstract thoughts: I am starting with characters as the units to write simulateously, then graduate to words, sentences… When I try to hold two different thoughts in my mind at the same time the two thoughts become one thought. I want to continue practicing this to see where it takes me.